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Aussie Pet Mobile North Central Dallas and Park Cities

Walking your dog in North Central Dallas is important to your dog’s overall health! However, Dallas can be very busy. Here are some tips to help you walk your dog in North Central Dallas, including Lakewood, Park Cities and University Park: 

  • Keep a short leash. Keeping a short leash will help you keep your dog away from other people while you walk. Prevent your dog from running up to other dogs or people by keeping a shorter leash.
  • Work on training. Go back to basics and retrain your dog on certain commands, such as heal and sit. Having a well-trained dog can help ease your mind on your walks.
  • Invest in a no-pull harness. A no-pull harness can help you keep better control of your dog without constantly pulling on the leash.
  • Set aside time for a long morning walk. A long morning walk will help your dog get some energy out at the start of the day and there may be fewer people out and about.
  • Use a dog-friendly trail in Dallas that we have outlined in this post.
  • Be patient. Your dog may be excited around a lot of people. Be patient and keep calm to keep your pet calm.