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AUSSIE PET MOBILE® & Texas State Law requires your pet(s) to have current rabies vaccination for every pet being groomed. Please confirm that your pet(s) are all current on their Rabies vaccination and that the Rabies certificate is available for inspection. While AUSSIE PET MOBILE® adheres to a stringent sanitation procedure for all vans and equipment, we also strongly advise that each pet be vaccinated against distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza adenovirus type 2, parvovirus, corona, leptospirosis, and bordetella prior to being groomed.

AUSSIE PET MOBILE® has the right to refuse grooming any animal that may be a threat to itself or any person. If we are not able to take a cat out of its carrier or get a muzzle on a dog that may bite, then we may refuse to groom your pet for its own protection and ours at our sole discretion. A pet may escape or suffer an injury if it is experiencing a great amount of stress. We attempt to avoid that situation by exercising our discretion regarding which pets we choose to groom. AUSSIE PET MOBILE® does not use any type of tranquilizers on any pet.

Severely matted coats will require a shave down and we will always obtain your approval before shaving down your pet. We cannot brush out a coat that is severely matted due to the stress and the pain it will cause your pet. If we recommend a shave down and you do not agree, we will respectfully decline to perform grooming services. Shaving a pet often exposes pre-existing skin conditions. If an animal is badly matted, we may find sores and tender skin under those mats. Many times, the skin is so sore that the clippers may cut the skin, especially while removing matts from a cat that has thin skin. There is no way to avoid this, however slow or careful we are. The AKC recommends against shaving double-coated dog breeds. Heat tolerance in double-coated dogs may be reduced when shaved and fur may not grow back evenly or to its original condition. We also use natural and commercial, Vet approved solutions and procedures to treat pets for fleas and ticks when needed. Some animals are sensitive to these solutions and procedures and may experience an allergic or other reaction that could be serious. If we notice any problems with the animal, you will be notified immediately.

I understand that my pet(s) have medical condition(s) and/or is/are senior(s). I am aware that grooming can cause stress that can exaggerate or expose new problems, or even lead to a serious medical event or death. I understand there are mental and behavioral changes in senior dogs or dogs with medical conditions, and they are groomed for comfort only and not appearance.

I give permission Aussie Pet Mobile to seek veterinary care at the nearest veterinary clinic. I understand that the Aussie Pet Mobile has the best interest of my pet in mind and will do everything to keep my pet safe. If Aussie Pet Mobile groomer feels that grooming will be too stressful for my pet, the groom will be stopped immediately and I will be contacted.


I am the owner/caregiver of this/these pet(s), and I have read and understood the foregoing cautions, printed above. I realize that pet grooming may cause injury or allergic or other reaction to my pet(s), but I desire to have AUSSIE PET MOBILE® perform the grooming. Therefore, I consent to and authorize the grooming of my pet(s) and I release AUSSIE PET MOBILE® and its employees, franchisees or other representatives, from any responsibility or liability arising out of the performance of those services.

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